Oct 29, 2007


First of all I wanna say - my blog so my perspective.This is a BRIEF compilation of a paper i wrote for my Language Intensive Study Programme class.It's supposed to be informal and written PURELY from one's perspective.

The usage of language and the way Shakespeare formulates his words in his plays is what Shakespeare's plays are most famous for.The language is what makes it most intruiging.But I do wonder sometimes if they would enjoy more popularity in modern times if they could be written in proper everyday english,or would that take away the beauty of his plays?

If Shakespeare were to be adapted into a comic strip,I do not necessarily think that it would be a degradation of his work or of the original text.It would simply mean putting it in a simpler and everyday form of English.It would naturally appeal more to people and perhaps even expose the lighter side of the plays rather than emphasise on the tough text,in the meanwhile making the reader so much more disinterested.Also,it just might raise interest in the reader to read up the original text and familiarize himself/herself with Shakespeare.I for one know from the observations that i have made that hardly anyone picks up a Shakespeare book and reads it for pleasure in its original context.

Now this brings about another question - If Shakespeare's plays were to be converted into comic strips,then would it be appropriate if the text were in some other language besides English?According to me,that would be rather awkward because they were written in a particular manner pertaining to to a particular society.I know of a few Shakespearen plays in its original texts that have been translated but to me,when i say 'Shakespeare', it is always the English language that comes to my mind.

No,I do not think that converting Shakespeare's plays into comic strips is a bad idea.Obviously the text will not be in its original form but that need not and does not degrade or take away the essence of the story as long as it is done properly without changing the characters and the story.