Oct 6, 2007


#Am I Indian, am I Asian??
Or am I Mizo, more I still wanna know!
When I say I’m Indian
They say,”Can’t be coz you don’t look Indian”.
When I say I’m Mizo
They search their maps high and low…
Then I say I’m Asian
They say,”Japanese,Chinese,Korean?”
Now you tell me
In your eyes,from your mind what do you see??

#India – Unity in Diversity,
Does’nt that sound pretty?
Or is the concept rather pretty silly?
With contempt, with mockery –
They say Bihari, they say Chinky.
Help me analyse,let me understand!!!
Where, o where should I stand?

#I’m a Mizo.I come from Mizoram,
That’s always so easy to say.
I’m an Indian,I’m from India…
Now why is that always so hard
to say??