Jun 9, 2013


Well well well.... turns out I am still in Aizawl, my Delhi flight got cancelled because of really2 bad weather. Funny thing is keimah ni flight chiah kha an cancel a, kan hma & hnung a flight ho thlawh chhuah hun kha chuan khua kha thra vur bik loisia. Obviously being the spiritual fool that I have become i took it as a sign from up above that it was'nt time to leave yet hahaa!! Dad & I decided not to reschedule but instead postpone the trip by a few months. Why? Because I can :-D wahahahahaha

I turn 28 this year (of course I feel old hahaaa!!) and I'm still trying to figure out my life and what I really want out of it. Of course I do the whole "I pray and leave it to God" stuff but I am human after all so at times I get a bit restless and that leaves me to wonder about a lot of things like figuring out my life & what I really want to do with it! :0) But at the end of the day I'm okay and I'm happy.. I know this sounds kind of silly at times but I know everything is going to be okay in the end because I have Jesus.

I've never been a religious lunatic.. I don't even believe in religion. I believe in living  a good life, having fun, doing what makes you happy and loving to the fullest. But I am a spiritual person, my hope makes me glad because I never stop praying. Once upon a time I had lost my way because i went through a very painful time in my life. But now I've come to understand that that was God's way of showing me He had always been there to hold me up and watch over me even during the darkest time of my life. When I look back i understand how I let my pain control me to turn away from Him.

This is the song that rescued me and just like that I snapped out of it & I started to heal bit by bit. So today being a Sunday and all, I just thought I should share the song on my little web space out here. :)