Jul 1, 2013


I just discovered this morning that there actually are people who get all worked up just because they discover that there were no more shampoo sachets in the drawer! Really!!??? But anyway, mize hrang2 kan nei a. Not judging but merely observing with bemusement the verbal abuse and criticism one is capable of hurling at the other person because THERE WERE NO MORE SHAMPOO SACHETS IN THE DRAWER....
my bemused  silently laughing self.

supposedly this smiley represents the annoyed me.
Not saying I've got the perfect temperament or anything.. just that I try to avoid unnecessarily getting all worked up. Of course i get annoyed (FREQUENTLY) with certain things and people, I  grumble & scold a lot but i make sure to check it does not go beyond that. Yep I follow the breathe in and out count to ten policy. The main reason being  if/when i do lose my temper (which i can proudly say hardly happens), i turn into someone i don't know. That someone I don't know turns into someone I can't control. That person I can't control I seriously don't like. And now i'm boring myself....almost to death i'm sure....

    So yes, i guess this whole keeping my temper in check is more about doing myself a favor rather than being worried about the effect it would have on others around me. Yes I am just that selfish..,, so sue me. Lol

The song from this link above is on my playlist again these days so the mood is pretty much influenced by this.. well probably not as depressing and intense as this but it pretty much covers it.