May 21, 2013


I'M GOING TO DELHI... WOOOHOOOOOO!! MY 2nd HOME I'VE MISSED YOU QUITE A BIT :) catching up with all my buddies, hanging out at my fav' spots :) looking forward to all that minus the heat of course... OH MY GOD the summer scorching heat  (-_-)  it is going to be one hot hell of a city.. what a mood killer... grrrrrrr

May 6, 2013


Gawwwd this awful awful cold is just ruining evvverything!! My throat feels like somebody just scratched it repeatedly with razors, and the other night i barely slept a wink 'cos i kept coughing. Its like that feeling when you're trying so hard to hold your cough in but then it feels like little creatures are running up and down your throat until finally you break out into a huge boom of continuous coughs... grrrrrrr #@$%^*@@#

So my most prized armor these days is my cough syrup... sad is'nt it?? Haha! :-D Anyway, even after rhino doses i still wake up coughing!! At least its getting better now, so i better stop whining before i turn into a drama queen (and i ABHOR drama queens) :O). Mostly i'm in bed all day with my trusty laptop & cell phone right by my side so that i don't lose touch with the world of course. ;) oh how i'm gonna paint the town RED as soon as i get well.. oh so REDDDDDDD!!!!