Oct 29, 2010


Still wonder about the truth of it all when people say that time heals everything.

There you awaited me…lifeless as the bed you rested on

There I came awaited by the lifelessness that I was forever to mourn

My hand touched yours as my lips descended to your forehead to whisper from my heart

A sound from within me that said, “I love you and I’m home after so long apart.”

Erie sounds of silence and hustles of the wind on the leaves at night-

My companions as I strolled around for my peace those night.

Longing to hear the gleeful beautiful voice I knew that always welcomed me ever so cheerfully

And the loving arms that time and again embraced me.

But there awaiting me was the lifeless one I never knew existed silently lying down.

There I stood numbed by reality, tearless as the casket descended to the ground

Taking a part of me with it, it was then I knew I’d never be the same again.

Feeling true happiness from that day on has been a task that’s been far from attainment.