Feb 8, 2010


There's sooo much to do and sooo little time!! Why oh why does time have to flow like a river? Yesterday i just wanted to pull all my hair out and chop off my head or something.... yes that's exactly what reading theory and then trying to make sense of it so that i can apply it to my research has does to me - it just drives me insane!! Thank the heavens and the stars that i have a really understanding & cool supervisor who doesn't scream/shout or abuse me unlike some of my friends' supervisors do. I read, i underline, i scribble, i consult the dictionary, i surf the net etc etc all in an effort to produce something substantial to submit to my supervisor. So here's the problem - did i produce something? yea, i guess. Is it substantial? NO IT'S UTTER BULLLCRAP!

Last August, when i joined this beloved Mphil course of mine with my ready made topic i was so proud of myself, excited etc etc because i thought it was inevitable for research scholars to have brainstorming ideas and all that fantasy bullshit. My brain is not doing any sort of coming up with brainstorming ideas at all....it's completely blank every time i try to start with my work! On second thought, my brain is definitely brainstorming....it's completely lost in the storm!