Mar 14, 2009


Hello! i'm back. Kind of funny how i seem to pop in and out whenever i feel like it...well, its my blog after all so i guess that gives me the freedom to do as i choose. Seriously though, i've been through a pretty rough patch in the past few months so maybe i was too "busy" for my lil' ol' blog or whatever.

One of the reasons i'm back is 'coz one of my friends (a regular blogger herself and i love reading her blog) keeps reminding me time and again that i REAAALLY need to update this little space of mine. Now that leaves me in a real quandry, what do i write about? hmmmm......

The other day i was sitting at Gops with two of my galpals, they were both busy blogging while i was busy eating. Although we were laughing and joking about it 1 thing really caught my attention from my friend's blog. It went something like "Rather be an independent spinster than be a trophy wife." [courtesy of ;)]

The idea of being an independent spinster kind of seems funny (probably because that's what society has instilled in our minds) but when you really think about it, isn't it better to be one rather than being unhappily married yet having to pretend to be happy just because your'e too afraid? Now i hate that!! being afraid i mean. Why can't a woman be allowed to choose? Are they trying to imply that a woman is a weak object who needs to be protected all the time, who needs to be thought for all the time? Blechhh..give me a break!!

I was siiting at Gops (yet again) yesterday with two of my classmates. One of them said that although she didn't want to she HAD to get married after we finish our M.A just because that's what her father wants for her and that there could be no two ways about it because he refuses to discuss it any further with her!! She even said that her father has no problems with her brother staying out late or getting phone calls from the opposite sex but his reaction's always totally the opposite when it comes to her!! When i met her father he seemed like a perfect gentleman, handsome, educated, smart and all that. Never in a million years would i have ever thought that he'd be know... so gender biased.I guess it also depends on the culture and society one is from. Thank God for my Dad who appreciates and listens to me and what i have to say.

I could go on and on but i'm getting a bit bored coz it's getting a wee bit too lengthy and I for one would never read looong posts!! Anyway, when i link up both these events that happened to me over tea at Gops i have come to the conclusion that- yes, i would most definitely choose to be an independent spinster rather than be a trophy wife who has no identity of her own, rather than be a "trophy" wife who only has an identity through her husband because of his position in the society. Why, pray, would i want to be just an ornament for my husband? That's dumb!! I'm a WOMAN... i can be an ornament for myself, I can think for myself, i can speak for myself and there's nothing wrong with that. ;)